Villa Elevator

Traction type villa elevator

LGEER villa allows you to enjoy a comfortable elevator. Dedicated inverter system precise control of the elevators running, mufti-faceted enhance comfort. Low noise, easy installation, the wonderful achievements of your home environment. Room design not only saves construction costs, but also make full use of your building, small footprint, no elevator shaft, which will secure you are LGEER thought.

LGEER villa elevators are ideal duplex and multi-functional and elegant home elevator, also elderly, sick, disabled ideal home on the underlying transport.

Forced villa elevator

LGEER forced villa elevators, use the roll forcibly driven permanent magnet synchronous gearless machine comprising a permanent magnet synchronous motor, reel, reel encoder and the limiting effect of rotating electromagnetic brake, designed for private home users , you create the noble living space, personal care and leisure time, its brightly decorated in a minimalist tone, safe and practical design concepts and unique, you are a chosen, will feel practical, artistic, a new era of integration experience. Especially suitable for small villa elevator shaft elevator.