Freight Elevator

It can competently bear heavy loads

LGEER series freight elevator, which are manufactured based on the requirements of Chinese freight elevator market and many years of elevator production experience, conduct freight transportation under various harsh environments. With advantages of high safety, reliability, high structural strength, durability, smooth running, large door opening size, cost effectiveness etc., LGEER freight elevator is an ideal choice for transporting of goods in many places such as factories, warehouses, shopping malls. centers for real estate.

Variable Voltage Variable Frequency(VVVF)traction machine

Variable frequency asynchronous traction machine has advantages such as safety, energy saving, high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, stable operation and good lubricating performance. It satisfies customers'  high requirements to the stability, energy saving and smooth running of the elevator products.

Large width door opening,free entry/exit

For the convenience of free entry/exit of large bulk freight, LGEER freight elevator series apply multl-folded car structures which can make the car door reach the maximum width while opening.

High strength material, decay resistance and durable

LGEER freight elevator not only applies high-Intensity section materials to manufacture the cars, but also uses special forcefulness design to the car platform. It makes the products more durable and less aging.

The multiple door opening modes

In order to satisfy different various requirements of vast users, LGEER freight elevator offers four door opening modes: side opening,double-folded center opening, one-way door opening, and opposite door opening. It can flexibly match different structures of  buildings such as factory, warehouse, department store, shopping center, housing property management center etc.

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