Exquisite space for groceries

LGEER Dumbwaiter elevator saves time and human resource significantly, presenting a beautiful environment by providing a fast, convenient, and economical vertical transportation to the mini-freight elevators in all kinds of onstructions.

These kinds of elevators are widely used for delivery of foods, dishware, daily necessities, money, documents medicines, cargoes. books, instruments and letters, etc. in hotels, restaurants, apartments, banks, offices buildings, hospitals, malls, factories, libraries, labs and post offices and so on.

The humane door opening mode satisfies your requirements.

LGEER Dumbwaiter elevator applies the multiple door opening modes for the user's choices, Meanwhile it can be specially designed according to the user's requirements and use conditions.

The remarkable energy-saving and loss-reducing,flexible and universal purposes

It covers little space and does not need strong construction capacity. It can always fulfill the perfect and economical design no matter for old or new constructions. It uses the advanced PC control module to fulfill the smooth and accurate elevator running and leveling.The humane design brings about the more flexible operations.

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